Imappivut Expedition 2019

Imappivut, an Inuttitut word that means
“Our Oceans,” is a marine planning initiative in Nunatsiavut that focuses on community well-being and ocean conservation.

The underwater world off the coast of Nunatsiavut, Labrador, has long been important to Inuit communities. Join us as we set off on an expedition to learn more about this special place.

    In August 2019, Oceana Canada and the Nunatsiavut Government will embark on an expedition to explore the culturally and ecologically significant coastal habitats of Nunatsiavut in Northern Labrador.

    During the 10-day expedition on the Leeway Odyssey science vessel, the team will collect data and use cameras to capture images and video of habitats in coastal bays and fjords – including kelp forests, rocky reefs and open water areas surrounded by seasonal sea ice. The expedition team will use a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), baited camera and environmental DNA (eDNA) to document life on the seafloor, as well as conduct surveys at the surface for seabirds and marine mammals, such as whales.

    The expedition team will share knowledge, resources and expertise as they survey and collect information in Saglek Fjord to the south of Torngat Mountains National Park, Hebron and Okak, former Inuit communities of deep historical and cultural significance and the bays and islands around Nain, which is home to the largest community in Nunatsiavut.

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    Thanks to our collaborators: Dalhousie University, Ocean Tracking Network, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO).

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