We are all connected to our oceans, which are vitally important for a healthy planet. They provide a source of sustainable protein, recreation and inspiration as well as jobs and income, and form a significant part of daily life for coastal communities.

Through collaboration, we can conduct research expeditions that expand our understanding of the diversity of life in the ocean and how best to protect it.

    The Central Coast of British Columbia Expedition is a partnership between Oceana Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Heiltsuk and Kitasoo/Xai’Xais First Nations, Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance (CCIRA) and Ocean Networks Canada.

    From March 7-14, 2018 we will explore and conduct research in Kynoch Inlet, Seaforth Channel and Fitz Hugh Sound, areas with a high conservation value and that depleted fish populations depend on.

    Diving to depths below 200 meters, we will study fjord habitats that are home to complex rocky reefs with a high diversity of rockfish, corals, sponges, and basket stars. These are unique ecosystems where marine life flourishes, yet research in these areas is extremely limited.

    These habitats act as nurseries and spawning grounds for fish populations – such as depleted rockfish – that depend on them for their populations to grow and thrive. By studying these areas, we can better protect them from human threats such as destructive fishing practices, overfishing and oil spills.

    Be an ocean explorer and help protect nurseries for fish populations.

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    helping to protect the ocean.


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